What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

It’s not hard at all to tell you and the entire staff at Bradford Hills Pet Hotel what a superb job that you do!! I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of my cat, HoBo, especially with his special needs of being a diabetic. For anyone who is looking for a fun, safe and reliable facility for their pets, I would highly recommend Bradford Hills Pet Hotel. You have given me great peace of mind when I leave HoBo with you.

See you soon,
Theresa Druggs

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such loving care of my Edee! You all have truly been a blessing to our family! Allowing my husband and I the freedom to travel and know that Edee is so happy and safe! As soon as the suitcases come out, Edee eagerly anticipates her vacation at the “5 star hotel”! In fact she sits by the car, even if I’m not ready to take her. The staff is well prepared, well informed, and very professional! My questions and concerns are always answered, and Edee’s every needs are always met! Wow...The hotel is, as I said before, our families greatest blessings! We call all the staff God Parents!

Very sincerely and with hugs,
Sharon Sigety

Our dog, Rudy, literally owes his life to Sandy and her staff at the Bradford Hills Pet Hotel. He was listed on the website for a no-kill shelter which had been advised by their vet and the cocker spaniel rescue group to euthanize him because of his fearful aggressive behavior associated with being an abused puppy mill dog. When I was thinking of adopting him (call me crazy), I approached Sandy about enrolling him in daily daycare to help him become more socialized. She did not even flinch (call her crazy). In fact, she was enthusiastic! Four and a half years later, Rudy and his brother, Clancy, another abused shelter pup, are Pet Hotel regulars. When we drop them off, they both literally go running for their rooms and don’t even look back at us. Are our feelings hurt? Not at all. We are ecstatic that they both feel as safe and secure and loved at the Pet Hotel as they do at home.

~Petrina Kachmar and Terry King

Come One! Come All! to Bradford Hills Pet Hotel. We’ve been clients for eight years and are very happy with the excellent care our dogs and cats have received. The hotel staff are dedicated to giving every pet gentle, diligent and loving care. Anyone will have no worries when their dogs and cats are in the capable hands of Bradford Hills Pet Hotel.

~Linda, Stephen, and Pamela Reyburn

Our "Kittie" is a year old yellow lab who thoroughly enjoys her visits to the Pet Hotel. I especially appreciate the day care facilities - when I am going to be away from home for an entire day, it is reassuring to know that she is being cared for by a group of wonderful people. Her day there is full of individual attention as well as exposure to other dogs - in the summer , her favorite activity is pool time! By looking after my pet as they would their own, Bradford Hills Pet Hotel truly provides a valuable service.

~Beth Meteny

Bradford Hills Pet Hotel has been the choice for our boarding needs for many years. Sandy and her staff are always friendly and caring. The hotel is spotless and well maintained. There always seems to be activities to stimulate our dogs during their stay. They also accommodate our request to “room” our dogs together while staying at the hotel. We also like the peripheral services offered while at the hotel, especially the veterinary services if ever needed. We wish them continued success.

~The Wochleys and Bouceks

"Aunt Sandy" is the best. I board all my pets (2 dogs, 3 cats) for 2 weeks every summer. My dogs run in like I am dropping them off at summer camp. I miss them but have never worried about the care they will receive while they are there.

~Carol Weiss

Can't say enough good things about all of the girls. I tried one other place before finding this daycare, and my dog didn't want to go through the doors at that place. Here, she runs right down the hallway and can't wait to see everyone.

~Jody Removchik

Keep up the great work. You always treat my cats like they are your own. They are never stressed after a stay in your hotel. The boys will be back.

~Diane Klimas

Best Manager in the North Hills. Friendliness of the staff is exceptional and appreciated-especially by Blitzen, who is always happy and excited about going to the Pet Hotel.

~Ron Ouellette

We board our dog one time per year for about 7-8 days. While I miss him, I don't worry about the care he's given. From past experience of using other boarding facilities, I can tell Magee is well cared for at Bradford Hills, because he doesn't miss a beat when he's back home. Thanks to everyone. The service has been great.

~Frank Sekowski

We have used the Pet Hotel and have been VERY VERY pleased with it. I would not leave my animals somewhere where I was not completely confident in the care of my pet. Blue loves to come and visit—although he may not show it—he does enjoy his sprinker time! Thanks for the personalized care for Blue! The Pet Hotel is beyond GREAT—I wish I lived there! Thanks!

~The Rickerson’s

Every time we leave our little guy there, the staff at the pet hotel always seem to take special interest in him. They also accept my daily phone calls (when our dog is there) with courtesy. I'm always impressed with the level of concern the staff displays.

~Marlene Shook

Our Rex Bunny, Cookie, has stayed at the Bradford Hills Pet Hotel twice. We call it his “bunny retreat” because he always comes home clean, clipped, alert, and ready to play! He, no doubt, gets plenty of attention and stimulation as indicated by his playfulness upon his return.The staff even went out and replenished supplies that we misjudged on our first visit there! BPH will be our place of choice for Cookie’s future retreats!

~M’Lisa Oravitz