dog relaxing in bed

All of our canine guests are checked into an indoor, spacious, private room for their stay. Our accommodations feature:

  • Year-round climate control that ensures comfort
  • Elevated kennel decks
  • A variety of bedding to keep our guests dry and comfortable
  • Superior sanitation practices that far exceed current health requirements, while virtually eliminating odor

All in all… it's the finest care possible!

yellow lab at Bradford Hills Pet Hotel & GroomingBoarding Requirements for Dogs

  • All of our canine guests must have current vaccinations — including Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and Canine Influenza — at least 7 days before their stay. We will be glad to help you determine which vaccinations your pet requires.
  • We also require a negative fecal test within six months prior to their boarding stay.
  • All pets must be free from internal and external parasites. Any pets that are positive for parasites may still board in our isolation unit for an additional fee, when space permits.
  • Pets should be using a flea preventive recommended by their veterinarian. Any pet with fleas will be given a bath by our groomer for an additional charge.